A Walk with Hunter S Thompson

Hunter likes his air conditioning. A lot. This is what it’s like to take Hunter for a walk. Six steps, sit down. Coax. Twenty steps, lie down in the cool grass. Coax. Ten steps, stop and observe surroundings. Coax. Repeat.

Blue Dog

Aunt Marcia and Uncle Larry came to meet me Saturday night. They brought me toys and I got to tear up the paper and the blue dog squeaks!

They brought a tug toy and my blue dog and a travel bowl and other toys they rubbed my tummy. I think Aunt Marcia loves me. I think I love her, too. Aunt Marcia and Uncle Larry have a pretty dog her name is Ziggy and Mom said she is going to be my friend. Mom said I need to say thank you to them thank you! Thank you! Ruff snort chew. The blue dog is soft I shake it I bite it I kill it I love it!


When Mom sets you down in the garage after your first visit to an outdoor brewery and you’re too tired to move.

I Am a Smart Boy!

Today I learned to SIT when I am asked. And I learned to go down steps by myself! Mom says I am brilliant. I don’t know that word but I got these little duck treats and I want to learn more tomorrow!

Aunt Dana took me for a walk. I went to Grandpa’s because it is Father’s Day but my father is a dog, so that confused me. Grandpa and Grandma think I am adorable. I think I am, too. Everywhere I go people say it.

I am very tired tonight. Mom cleaned my face and my legs while I laid on the AC vent to cool my tummy. I did not pee in the house today because I am a good boy. Also I made some art!!

Two Days with Hunter S Thompson II

I came to live with my new Mom and Dad on Thursday. They picked me up at the Asheville Humane Society and I was scared. I had 13 brothers and sisters and a mama and I won’t see them anymore. I got a thing around my neck and a thing my people hold to take me where they want me to go. It’s weird but I am getting used to it.

SLEEPY2I have a new bed and a lot of toys. Also, I get to eat ALL BY MYSELF THE WHOLE BOWL NO OTHER PUPPIES!!! I have grown already. Sometimes I pee in the house and Mom and Dad don’t like that but I have always peed inside so I don’t know why it is a problem now. Anyway, they say I have to learn to pee outside I am working on it. I got a paper bag to tear up that was really fun! A girl called Sam came to see me and told me she loved me. I hope she comes again. I sleep all night and everybody likes that.

Someone called Aunt Celeste sent some toys here, I love my teddy bear but I don’t know Aunt Celeste yet. Tomorrow, some new people come to stay for a week and Mom says they like puppies so that is good. I am not supposed to eat their stuff or pee in their room, so I don’t think they will be much fun. The people are Mom’s brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Karen. They are from a place called California, Mom said that is very far away and they live with Dixie and Daisy who are dogs. I wish Dixie and Daisy were coming. Mom said 3 of my siblings are in Weaverville so I will get to see them a lot. Also, there is a pibble name Theodore I will get to meet soon. Mom said my Parvo isn’t ready yet and I still have an incision, whatever that means. I didn’t know I had a Parvo but apparently the Vet cut it off before I came here.

Mom said I can use her laptop to tell you how I am doing so I will. I am super cute so you should follow my blog. Mom said I will get to know everyone in two counties before I know it. PUP2