Art Safari

The Weaverville Art Safari took place last weekend. It was such an enjoyable event. On November 4th and 5th, 53 artists opened their homes and studios to visitors. We began the weekend with Friday night’s Preview Party; Miya Gallery, Mangum Pottery and Artisans on Main all hosted and served refreshments. (Also wine. I like wine.)

There is SO much talent in this community and it was a gorgeous weekend for hunting works of art. Though oddly warm for the first weekend in November, we enjoyed blue sky, puffy clouds and glorious fall color in north Buncombe County.  IMG_6220


Saturday, I toured with my friends Larry and Marcia. We stopped by Crucible Glass Works at 60 Clarks Chapel Road. We saw part of a glass-blowing demonstration. Mike Hatch makes some beautiful glass pumpkins and mind-blowing vases!

Our friend Fian Arroyo was exhibiting at Crucible also. Fian does some really fun fantasy art with pen and watercolor. This is one of my favorites! The print comes with a story from Fian’s childhood:

Ring of Faith

When I was a young boy in Puerto Rico, my grandfather would make a circle of leaves on the ground put me inside it and say, “Don’t Move!”. He would then go about doing what he had to do while always keeping an eye on me and checking in with me from time to time. I always stayed within the circle not only because of the fear of disobeying him but also because, I felt a sense of security knowing that I was safe under his watch. “Ring of Faith” is not only a self portrait but a tribute to my “abuelo” who I loved dearly and lost too soon. The tiger is a symbol of him protecting me from harm and how I feel he still does somehow to this day. Signed archival fine art prints are available in my shop here.   ©2016 Fian Arroyo

Ring of Faith

From Crucible, we crossed the road and went to a new pottery called Salvaterra. The shop was small and crowded, so I’ll return another day because I am a pottery addict. We then set out for Barnardsville and visited three artists in the same neighborhood; Leo Monahan, Steven Forbes-deSoule and Phil Atwood. Leo Monahan creates colorful paper sculpture. Steven Forbes-deSoule is a potter and focuses on raku. Phil Atwood creates delightful birdhouses out of metal. I may go back for one of those – I liked them a lot and Mr. Atwood includes re-bar and a post for mounting the birdhouse. Our last stop was Good Fibrations. I got a new hat. And the goats! THE GOATS. I adore goats. Aren’t they cute?

Mark your calendars – the next Weaverville Art Safari is April 28th and 29th, 2018!