I came across this Common Snapping Turtle down the road from my house late last summer. In ten years I have only seen this creature once. He or she is at least 15″ long, excluding that tail. I think this may be a female, as I have read they travel good distances from water to lay their eggs. I also think she may be over 20 years old, based on the size of her carapace. This snapper worked its way up a steep embankment from the creek and was resting about 30 feet from our mailbox.IMG_5122I kept a respectful distance, but she let me zoom in without an argument. Check out those claws!

IMG_5123A closer look at the face only a mama could love. I sure hope we meet again this year.IMG_5123 (2)

2 Replies to “OH SNAP!”

  1. Down on the Savannah River where I grew up, there’s rapids where, during the spring and summer, snapping turtles hang out on the rocks by the dozens. When I was a teenager, before housing developers made it impossible to get down there, my favorite thing was to go down there and get as close as I could without disturbing them. There’d be everything from babies around 6 inches long, to huge ones even bigger than Snap!


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