Two Days with Hunter S Thompson II

I came to live with my new Mom and Dad on Thursday. They picked me up at the Asheville Humane Society and I was scared. I had 13 brothers and sisters and a mama and I won’t see them anymore. I got a thing around my neck and a thing my people hold to take me where they want me to go. It’s weird but I am getting used to it.

SLEEPY2I have a new bed and a lot of toys. Also, I get to eat ALL BY MYSELF THE WHOLE BOWL NO OTHER PUPPIES!!! I have grown already. Sometimes I pee in the house and Mom and Dad don’t like that but I have always peed inside so I don’t know why it is a problem now. Anyway, they say I have to learn to pee outside I am working on it. I got a paper bag to tear up that was really fun! A girl called Sam came to see me and told me she loved me. I hope she comes again. I sleep all night and everybody likes that.

Someone called Aunt Celeste sent some toys here, I love my teddy bear but I don’t know Aunt Celeste yet. Tomorrow, some new people come to stay for a week and Mom says they like puppies so that is good. I am not supposed to eat their stuff or pee in their room, so I don’t think they will be much fun. The people are Mom’s brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Karen. They are from a place called California, Mom said that is very far away and they live with Dixie and Daisy who are dogs. I wish Dixie and Daisy were coming. Mom said 3 of my siblings are in Weaverville so I will get to see them a lot. Also, there is a pibble name Theodore I will get to meet soon. Mom said my Parvo isn’t ready yet and I still have an incision, whatever that means. I didn’t know I had a Parvo but apparently the Vet cut it off before I came here.

Mom said I can use her laptop to tell you how I am doing so I will. I am super cute so you should follow my blog. Mom said I will get to know everyone in two counties before I know it. PUP2

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  1. You are the cutest, most extraordinary pup. Your mom will explain extraordinary to you. Keep up the good work of being a good boy Hunter S Thompson II. (A regal name befitting a pup of your stature!) xoxo Your cousins, Kay and Nathan


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