First Trip to Town

Mama took me into town today for the first time since I was a tiny boy. We parked at the top of Main St., and I had to walk a LONG way Mom said it was 6 blocks. I laid down 4 times so Mom would carry me. I peed.

We went out to lunch. Aunt Sam took this picture of me under the table at the Twisted Laurel. I was hot and a lady brought me ice cubes and water. I got to taste a little piece of chicken it was good I want more of that.

Then we went to Maggie Bs so I could be in the air conditioning it felt nice. Aunt Elspeth let me rest on the cold floor. Aunt Liz brought me a rag to play with and I fell asleep, she adopted my sister Hilda.

Aunt Sam is holding me now and I am soooooo sleepy.

Mama said we have to go to the Vet’s office soon I got a tick we need repellent whatever that means. I will get weighed, too because I am large for 9 weeks. And we have to get some medicine for Rory Gallagher to get worms out of his tummy. Dumb cat should not have put worms in there. Dad said it’s because Rory Gallagher eats mice and voles and lizards. That’s gross. I eat kibble I am civilized. And very tired.