Uncle Robert and Aunt Karen stayed with us for a week. I thought they would not be fun because I was not allowed in their room but they loved me and I loved them. They played with me and took me for walks and admired my calm demeanor. I don’t know what a demeanor is but Mama said it is important for puppies to have a calm one. This is a picture of Uncle Robert and Aunt Karen taking me for a walk into the woods. I like it back there it smells and I see cows and turkeys sometimes. There are a lot of bird sounds, too. forest walk

While Uncle Robert and Aunt Karen were here, their sons Jonathan and Neal came to visit. They brought Maddie I loved her and she loved me.  Mama said they would have to check Maddie’s suitcase before she left because she might kidnap me. She didn’t. But I loved her.

Then my grandpa and grandma had their 69th wedding anniversary and grandpa had a 90th birthday and there was a fun party. I got to play with Sam and Jonathan and Neal and Maddie and Aunt Dana and Uncle Paul and Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Phil and Aunt Kitty and Aunt Cindy and  Aunt Margaret and Aunt Lisa and Mom and Dad ALL IN ONE DAY!


I was exhausted it was worth it. We played chase in the front yard that’s me in the middle front row I am long.  I like parties that is good because Mom and Dad take me to a lot of them! I am a good boy and everyone admires my cute face and that calm demeanor.  Mom said I have to party less and write more because people want to know how I am doing. I will try to do better but I have a lot of playing and sleeping and chewing to do,  be patient with me. Here is a picture of my spot to keep you happy while I think of another story to tell you. Dad has a place on our hill he likes to go to watch the sunset he takes me because I need to be worn out every chance we get. This is my spot enjoy