Looking Glass Falls

After Aunt Karen and Uncle Robert left, Aunt Margaret came. Aunt Margaret has been EVERYWHERE, even the South Pole! Mom took me and Aunt Margaret to Looking Glass Falls in Brevard.  First we went to White Duck Taco in Asheville and I got some watermelon it was delicious and cold.

Looking Glass Falls was crowded there and it was a very hot day but I liked it. The waterfall is SO big and loud. We had to go down a lot of steps to get close. There were too many people so we did not stay long. We had to come back up all those steps and I was so hot, my tongue would not stay in. I met some families and a bunch of people touched me and asked me what I was. (A dog, DUH!)

Looking GlassMama said that was not nice, we had to explain that we know I am part coonhound, I love to retrieve and I look like a Great Pyrenees or a Saint Bernard. Mama said there is a DNA test for dogs and we will get one soon. What is DNA I wonder? Will it hurt? I already got 2 shots for Parvo and Distemper I didn’t like it but I liked the Cheez Whiz I got all over my face at the Vet’s office. That is some good stuff I will go back.

Anyway, we walked up a million steps and got in Mom’s truck I was panting up a storm. A nice man dumped out his cooler and I laid in the ice!! I love ice! It felt so good I ate some too!  A bunch of little girls touched me and gave me a relly-bub I liked that. The we drove a little more and found a quiet spot with our own little beach and I got my feet wet it was cold I loved it!


A boy and his Mom came to our beach and that Mom LOVED me she said I was beautiful and sweet and handsome. I liked her, she was smart, I know because she recognized me for what I am.  After we went to the waterfall and the beach, we drove a long way I slept in the back seat.

When we got back to Weaverville we went to Eluvium for a cold beer and we met Dad there. I did not get a beer I got water and a cold floor I was happy. I met another dog and he stole my toy.


Alli and Jeff, Mom and Dad’s friends came in they had wanted to meet me and they did. Aunt Alli took a LOT of pictures of me and we did a selfie together! Then Mom said I had to go home because I was worn out. It was true. I ate a lot of supper that night and slept a long, long time. Mom said I grow 2 inches every day that is why I get so tired.